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§ Terms and conditions

§ 1 Conclusion of the contract: All our services are based on our following terms and conditions ("Terms"). Amendments or additional agreements are only valid our written confirmation and are for the respective transaction. Any other terms and conditions of our contractors are hereby rejected. The booking of transport services provided by us can be made by telephone via the Vienna telephone number +43 699 125 05 005 or via our website at done. We reserve the right to reject a provision of transport services without notice for any reason.

§ 2 Pay and payment: Our transport services are made against the person who takes the transport provided to and sold, free of charge. Upon request the passenger to the taxi Vienna, Car rental-car company regulations as amended and guests the right of this a proper invoice, which in particular the details of the journey, the ticket price, date,

§ 3 Vouchers: The transport services can be paid through the voucher issued by us. These vouchers can be with us by phone or via our website at be ordered. Vouchers are issued in a certain amount in advance and are charged by us. The stay at the party passed vouchers until full payment of our total claim our sole property. The total demand is our demand from both the supply of vouchers as well as from other Legal reasons. The retention of title until the settlement of all our claims by the contractor. If the contractor is in default with payments, we are entitled at any time, even without the contract to request the coupons out. An appeal to the leadership Purchase price or a partial amount does not affect our retention of title. As long as we retain ownership, we are in any case be entitled to rescind the contract. As long as our retention of title is maintained, can have the party of the goods without our prior written consent. In the case of purchase of the goods available We automatically all claims and claims which accrue to the contractor from the disposition of the goods. Vouchers can be time-limited, at our discretion. For a limited term of validity shall be printed on the voucher. During the fixed term, the voucher can be used by the contractor. At the end of the fixed term, the contractor may claim back the credit in writing. If the contracting partner of this option does not expire within three months of the end limit the use expires, the claim of the contractor.

§ 4 Right to cancel the order of vouchers: Consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, at a distance of one (ie by telephone or via our website) contract on the order of vouchers withdraw within seven working days. Saturdays are not considered business days. Withdrawal can without giving reasons in writing (eg by e-mail) or by returning the vouchers made. The cancellation period begins to run from their receipt. In case of withdrawal, a full or partial refund of the purchase price only train to train against Deferral of coupons instead. The vouchers should be sent in an unused and as new condition and in original packaging. If vouchers or debit cards, which are affected by wear or the packaging is damaged, we will be a reasonable fee for the Impairment charged or deducted. The cost of the return shall be borne by the contracting party. Should the goods be sent back freight collect, we are entitled to withhold a corresponding amount.

§ 5 Set-off: An offset of counterclaims against our claims, particularly claims arising from the provision of vouchers, is (except in the cases expressly provided for by law) not permitted, unless we would accept such an offset in some cases explicitly written in figures.

§ 6 Liability: Our data on waiting times or dates of arrival are non-binding. We are not liable for any delays. Claims of the contractor due to delay in compensation Collection of the contractor by the taxi owner or late arrival at the destination are against us is excluded. Our liability extends to the proper selection the taxi companies and the forwarding of orders and other declarations of will between the contractors and the mediated taxi companies and possibly vice versa. For entrepreneurs is: In any case, we are only liable for willful or grossly negligent behavior on our part. Claims for damages, in particular, instead of warranty claims alleged lapse within six months, the buyer becomes aware of damage and damaging. For consumers: A liability for ordinary negligence, except for personal injury are excluded.

§ 7 Exemption from the fulfillment of contracts: Increased violence and its consequences are exempt from the obligation to teach transportation services. The contractor is also expressly agrees that increased violence and its consequences, the taxi operators exempted from the obligation to transport. Force majeure also includes explicit congestion and traffic accidents.

§ 8 Privacy Policy: Be ( both by phone by calling +43 (0) 699 125 05 005 or via our website) If a booking of a personal transport service Data of our contract partners, such as title, name and surname (company name where appropriate), start and destination address, contact information (including phone number) and any Special needs identified and processed. This is our contract partner expressly agrees. When ordering vouchers also identified personal data and processed. These are title, first name and surname (company name where appropriate), (invoice, delivery) address, contact information (phone and fax numbers, e-mail address). By registering on our Web site says the parties have agreed that we this information to process the order, billing and delivery of the vouchers and to Facilitate future orders using collect, process and store. This consent can be withdrawn at any time.

§ 9 Failure to work some of the provisions: If these Terms and Conditions one (or more) gap (s) contain (s) or one (or more) provision (s) is invalid in whole or in part (are), or is (are), then the terms and conditions remain Moreover, both the contract effectively. Instead of missing or invalid provision (s) to (s) a (similar) the commercial purpose of the missing or invalid provision (s) closest to destination (s) apply.

§ 10 Applicable law, place of performance and jurisdiction: It is agreed that the application of the laws of the Republic of Austria. The application of the UNCITRAL Sales Convention 1980 is excluded. Place of delivery and Payment shall be Vienna. For all of the contractual dispute only the competent court of Vienna Inner City is responsible.